Out of Favor

Out of Favor is a quartet of renown Rainbox Six Siege streamers consisting of PriesT, VarsityGaming, yoboyRoy and coconutbrah. We were tasked with designing and manufacturing their first release of merchandise for them under the brand name “Out of Favor”.

As part of the campaign, we also filmed and edited a launch campaign for Out of Favor that featured the three garments from the capsule – this included a cap, t-shirt and windbreaker jacket.

All garments were cut and sewn, which allowed for complete control over the fabrics and fit. The t-shirt featured a full back print, with embroidered chest logo, whilst the windbreaker featured three different coloured fabrics to represent the brand colours of Out of Favor. The cap was the final piece, finished with mint green stitching to bring together the three elements of the collection.

Filmed in the UK, the storyboard and treatment for the video were all composed in-house. Set on a beach in West England, we designed props for the shoot that supported the overall vision that Out of Favor requested, whilst managing the difficulties of filming in the winter climate.